“Telling it all” in anonymity makes me brave with what I’m willing to share. It helps keep my attitude good in “real” life, and I don’t have to ::smack:: those who deserve it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Telling It All About Walking...

Though we walk reallllly slow, it doesn’t take much to get us breathless.   When walking with others, they can easily leave you and not realize it until they turn around to say something to you and you’re half a block back.

We have to stop and pretend to do something, like look for an imaginary dropped item, while we steal a moment to catch our breath.

Of course, when we are comfortable enough around good friends, we are just honest.  “Girl, you are walking too fast, and this fat chick can’t keep up.”  or  “I gotta stop a minute.  You can go on if you want to.”

And we’re always hot!    Always weather-wise, and sometimes otherwise.   J


That corgi :) said...

well if you ever came to visit or if I ever came to visit, we'd take our time sauntering (did I spell that right?) down the touristy attractions and I'm sure I wouldn't leave you behind :)

I don't know, there are advantages of being hot; I'm the opposite always cold.

hope the day is going good


upinthecosmos said...

LOL, ain't that the truth! My dad was a larger guy & even so he could walk fast... long stride or something. I'd always be left behind (and breathless!).