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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Telling It All About How Not To Raise Kids...

A co-worker story

My co-worker (CW) is divorced and has two children, and she is very involved in their lives.   The youngest one, a girl in the 4th grade, has no concept of the word "No."   CW herself tells me stories every day.   Her story today:

Little Girl  (LG) waits until the last minute to tell CW that she wants her hair braided.   This is not a normal thing.   CW told LG that it was too late and they didn't have time.   LG crosses her arms and informs CW that she's not going to school until her hair is braided.  CW immediately briaded her hair.   CW was late for work, but I do not know if LG was late for school.

Big Boy (BB) is a senior in HS, and it's finals week for him.   He has refused to learn to drive, and doesn't want a license.   He has an online girlfriend over 500 miles away, and he goes nowhere except his room to talk with g/f and play computer games.  He has decided that he doesn't want to go for the full day during finals week, and dictates to CW what his schedule is for the day.

She took him to school at 8.   Had to leave shortly after 9 to pick him up and take him back home.   Had to leave again around 11:15 to take him back to school.  Had to leave after 2 to pick him up from school, take him back home, and then go get LG from school.  She'll be doing this the whole week.

**She just called to say she couldn't come back to work because LG was having a meltdown in the parking lot, and she was taking her home.**   She was going to bring her back to work because she didn't have time for yet another trip home.

She had her kids a little later in life, and she doesn't have a clue that she can bust LG's butt, and leave BB at school like the rest of the kids.  Reckon I should tell her?

It's not a busy week, so her absence isn't a problem.  I just feel sorry for her.

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That corgi :) said...

I feel sorry for the kids! Because life doesn't work like this, as you know, and once they realize this and get their "balloon busted" it is going to be devastating for them! So sad. They have her wrapped around their little fingers, and although I have made tons of mistakes with raising kids......this doesn't just seem like it is going to end in a very good situation for them