“Telling it all” in anonymity makes me brave with what I’m willing to share. It helps keep my attitude good in “real” life, and I don’t have to ::smack:: those who deserve it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Telling It All About Continuing Education...

There's a Continuing Education class I saw offered...
"Working With You is Killing Me."  


I should take that class.  
I need an attitude adjustment.

I could teach that class; however, I'd offer a 3 part course:

Part 2:  Your Loud Laughter is Obscene
Part 3:  Professionalism, Where Art Thou?


upinthecosmos said...

LMAO!!! If they had one called Living with you is killing me I'd be there in no time flat!

The Fat Chick said...

Heh! Yes, I've been there before!