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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Telling it all about Six Words...in far more than six words.

 Each week, http://www.showmyface.com/hosts "Six Word Saturday."   My six words this week are:

It's all about the
interview process.

Cast of Characters:

·     Miss Shop-all-Day will have a meltdown if she’s asked to do anything.  Even though she’s only shopping, her first response is “I don’t have time for that!”  Her second response is, “I don’t know.” or “I don’t know how!”   She’s now pregnant, and during the first few weeks of her finding out, we’ve had to hear stories every day about how many times she’s had morning sickness, where, when, how much…etc.  
·     Miss Sweetie doesn’t want to do anything extra that might help…but she really is sweet about it.  
·     Miss Director watches her brood and thinks what a great department she has.  She contributes to their idiosyncrasies in ways that amaze. 
·     Miss Whatever!  doesn’t  give a rat’s a$$...her words, not mine. 

After my Office BFF gave her notice and left, they had the task of finding someone new…which they did, and I like her…I like them all...but they can drive me bonkers at times.    I imagine the interview process went something like this:

·     Miss Director:   Do you consider yourself a chief or a peon?
·     Miss Sweetie:  :::nods and grins:::
·     Miss Whatever!:   Whatever!  I don't give a rat's a$$, but we really need a peon.  
·     Miss Shop-all-Day:   I don't have time for this.  I'm only here to tell you that I throw up a lot.
·     Miss Director:   Yes, yes, she does.  So, are you a peon?
·     Applicant:  ah...I...
·     Miss Whatever!:   I don't give a rat's a$$!  Whatever!
·     Miss Shop-all-Day:  I threw up 7 times this morning.   In the bathroom, the hallway.  The bedroom....
·     Applicant:   oh..I'm sorr..
·     Miss Whatever!:  Whatever!  I don't give a rat's a$$!
·     Miss Director:  She really doesn't.   Do you consider yourself a peon?   We seem to be in need of a peon.
·     Miss Shop-all-Day:  ....twice in the kitchen.  Let's see, that's only five.   In the drive way...
·     Miss Whatever!:   Miss Shop-all-Day, let the girl tell us whether or not she is peon.  I don't give a rat's a$$, but we have too many chiefs around here already.
·     Miss Shop-all-Day:   ...and in the parking lot!!
·     Applicant:  I...
·     Miss Whatever!:  Whatever!  I don't give a rat's a$$!
·     Miss Director:   Thank you for coming in. 
·     Miss Sweetie:  :::nods and grins:::   We'll be in touch.

For more Six Word Saturday entries (though, of course, mine is much more than six words) visit http://www.showmyface.com/!


Fi said...

We probably all work with versions of Miss Shop-all-day, Miss Sweetie, Miss Director and Miss Whatever.I do, only the male equivalents.

This was a lighthearted way of looking at the interview process and I'm glad they found a replacement you like

Tinman said...

I'm just amazed the person actually too the job.
This is very funny, and I'm glad you eneded up with someone you like.

Tinman said...

sorry, tooK the job...

That corgi :) said...

LOL! sure makes it interesting working with lots of ladies! Glad they hired someone, who knows, in time she might be your new office BFF!

have a good weekend!


starla said...

Quite the cast of characters...lol

AudreyO said...

I always worry when a new workmate is hired for me. I've always been so fortunate to be part of the interview process and so far so good :)

Ron. said...

Too ftiggin funny!

Kasi said...

Beautiful blog! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)