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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Telling It All About Cussing Children, in Six Words!

Yeah, your little one cusses, too.

My daughter, Elle, lives in an apartment complex where lots of children live.   Earlier this week, she was “cussed out” by a two year old.   Elle is one of the funniest people I know, so, yesterday at lunch she was cracking me up doing the accent of this little boy.   (I’m from the deep south, so we know a thing or two about accents.   Down here, we all got an accent.)   The story is funny, until you really think about it.

One day last week, it was looking stormy outside, and a couple of two year olds were out playing alone.   (Yes, you read that right…two years old.   Our small Alabama town may be safer than some big city areas, but I would never, I repeat NEVER, leave my little ones out to play alone.)    Elle told them (a boy and a girl) that they needed to go home because it was about to storm.   The little boy, Devonte, who has a full vocabulary at 2, told her “No!” and proceeded to get into a car.   (It’s August, and temps are near or over 100° every day.)   The little girl got in, too.   Elle noticed there were keys in the car…but that's beside the hot-weather point.

Elle told them both to get out of the car NOW.   Devonte tried to push her away so he could close the door.   Elle told him he absolutely couldn’t play in the car.   He kept telling her to “Moo!  Moo!”  meaning, of course, “move!”   He said, “You moo!  Dis my mama cah (car), you moo!”    The little girl started to get out of the car, but Devonte wouldn’t budge.  Elle took him by the arm and pulled him out.   He stood there, put his hands on his little hips, reared back and said, “You ugh-ly!”  Elle said, “And mean, too!   You need to go on home.”  

Devonte said, “Booty azz!” and stomped off.   Elle said, “What did you say?!”   He stopped at his door, turned around and said, “You heard me!” went in, and slammed the door behind him.

The next day, Elle ran into to his mother.    She told her what happened, and the mom, who is another fat chick, ran off after the little boy, yelling, “Devonte!  You been cussin’ folks again?  Imo beat yo azz!”   

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Karen S. said...

I sure know this! I have to be very very careful with what I say cuz it always comes back to haunt us! Great 6WS!

That corgi :) said...

How funny!! Yep, I think one does have to make sure one watches their mouth, especially around little ones who soak up every single word we say, good or bad!! Cute story!


Ron. said...

Sad, the double standard we expect of our children, eh?

Sarah K. said...

Lawd, that sounds like my neighbors down the street's kids... I would not want my son talking to them. They have got mouths on them.

Found you through Six Word Saturday!

Tinman said...

I know I should be shocked, but "booty azz" from a two-year old is really funny.
As long as it's not your own two-year old, of course.

Call Me Cate said...

Funny, and also sad. Maybe I should add "be cussed out by a two year old" to my life list.

Thanks for playing 6WS!