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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mad again, hence the post.

It's been over a year since I've written in this blog.  Apparently, the last time I wrote here, I was mad.   Guess what?   Yep, I'm mad.  

I am now at the library.  It stays open until 1 a.m.   I may or may not be here, it just depends on how much I calm down.   OK, I suppose every one knows I won't be here at 1 a.m., and since I don't even have as much as a toothbrush with me, I suppose I'll go home.   Eventually. 

I type about 100 words a minute.   Gusts up to that, anyway.  I am the only one here...among many students...who's typing like a bat out of...bats don't type.   I could have used a bat ealier.   I could have smacked a few people with it.    I get gleeful just thinking about it.

Both my sisters left town.   They live an hour away from me now...I'm suddenly very lonely for my sisters.

What am I mad about this time, you ask?   Glad you asked.  I got mad at the BIL for failing to do what he offered to do, disappointing someone important to me.  Then, his brother, the one I married, took his side in it.   Let's just say things got ugly.   Now, I'm stting at the library typing on a germy computer, and he's home in front of the TV, feet propped up, food to eat (I didn't even eat I was so mad.   He just wouldn't shut up!   I kept saying are you finished yet?  He would say "Yes," then keep on.   Finally, when I said, "are you finished yet?"  He said, "I'll let you know when I'm finished."   So I finished for him by leaving.  However, he won and I lost because here I sit.

I called my daughter, but she had company, and I didn't want to barge in.   Besides, I wouldn't have burdened her with my anger.   She's got plenty to deal with as it is.  I'm not proofing this.   If there's mistakes, well, so be it. 

Anyway.   I said some things I shouldn't have, as well.   He just went much, much further.   The fight shouldn't have happened, because I was right and they were wrong...and because we are adults, we shouldn't have acted that way.

I'm being nicer in this blog than I really feel because I'm really mad.   I was upset with BIL to begin with, and that man I married just thinks that anything he does is fine and dandy.   I promise you, the man has done a LOT of damage to my family.  Caused untold grief.   But that's history.   Right now, I'm mad about the current disappointment that he is.  There was a time that I thought he was heaven sent to my family, but I assure you, I was wrong.

Nuff about him.

I guess that's enough here, too.   I'll go surf the net a while.

PS:  It's really hot in here.

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That corgi :) said...

I hope you have gone home by now. I think we all have those in our lives that have disappointed us (and we have disappointed others). Its hard when those that disappoint are part of our families though. I'm so sorry for it all. I'm hopeful things will be made up sooner than later.